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IrDA Development Tools

These tools / utilities were used during the development of the Microlite-IrDA stack.

Frame Decoder

When using IrDA during development, integration and testing, one of the most time-consuming tasks is analysing a stack dump. A necessary requirement is to decode each frame.

Available here is a C code fragment that is used within the Microlite-IrDA stack to decode each frame in real-time.

  • decode-frame.c (5,286 bytes)

SIR Serial Dongle Driver

When using IrDA SIR serial dongles during development, information is required as to how to drive the RS232 RTS / DTR lines to get different baud-rates.

Available here are the C code fragments that are used within the Microlite-IrDA stack to drive these dongles:

  • dongle-actisys-ir220.c (3,346 bytes)
  • dongle-esi-jeteye-9680.c (1,891 bytes)

Windows IrDA Primary Demo

Using Windows 2000 or XP, the built-in IrDA stack may only be accessed as a network device via the Win32 winsock API.

Available here is the C source code and pre-built executable that uses Windows 2000 / XP built-in IrDA stack that connects via IrCOMM, sends a packet of serial data ( 'AT/r' ) then disconnects. This may also be used to exercise the Microlite-IrDA stack secondary demo.

  • IrDAPrimaryDemo.c (8,660 bytes)
  • IrDAPrimaryDemo.exe (176,192 bytes)


 Frame Decoder zip
 SIR Serial Dongle Driver zip
 Windows IrDA Primary Demo zip


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