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IrDA Internals

This is a subset of an early version of the book 'IrDA Internals'. Some content has been omitted due to the amount of time / effort & space needed for HTML formatting.

The reader must have the IrDA specifications covering IrLAP, IrLMP, IrTTP and IrCOMM - these documents are in the public domain. Among other things, these specifications cover the frame formats and byte / bit allocations.

 Using the Microlite-IrDA Stack
 Primary / Secondary Node Types
 Frame Types
 Command / Response Frame
 Control / Data Frames
 Frame Header Types
 IrLAP Header
 IrLMP Header
 IrCOMM Header
 Address Types
 Device Address
 Connection Address
 Logical Service Access Point Selector (LSAP-SEL)
 Link Connection Hierarchy
IrPHY - Physical
 Physical Parameters
 Character Format
 Frame Format
 Serial Infrared (SIR)
 Fast Infrared (FIR)
 Very Fast Infrared (VIR)
 IrDA Port - Discrete Components
 IrDA Port - Dongles
 Combined Encoder and Transceiver Dongle - SIR
 Transceiver Only Dongle - FIR
IrLAP - Link Access Protocol
 Frame Types
 Un-numbered (U) Frames
 Supervisory (S) Frames
 Information (I) Frames
 Frame Acknowledgments
 Service 1 of 4 - Discovery
 Service 2 of 4 - Negotiation and Connection
 Service 3 of 4 - Data Transfer
 Service 4 of 4 - Disconnection
 Microlite-IrDA Notes
IrLMP - Link Management Protocol
 Service 1 of 3 - Connection
 Service 2 of 3 - Information Access Service (IAS)
 Service 3 of 3 - Data Transfer
 Microlite-IrDA Notes
IrTTP - Tiny Transport Protocol
 Service 1 of 3 - Connection
 Service 2 of 3 - Data Transfer
 Service 3 of 3 - Disconnection
 Microlite-IrDA Notes
IrCOMM - Serial Communication
 Service 1 of 2 - Control State
 Service 2 of 2 - Data Transfer
 Microlite-IrDA Notes
High-Level Stack Dump Analysis
Low-Level Stack Dump Analysis
Stack Implementation
 Layer Hierarchy
 Primary Stack States
 Secondary Stack States
 Blocking on Receive
 Frame RAM Allocation
 Keep-alive of Secondary
 Flushing of Responses
 Errors and Recovery
Appendix A - IrDA Specifications
Appendix B - Existing Stacks
 Windows 2000 / XP
 Mobile Phone - Nokia 6210, 6310, 7110
 Mobile Phone - Ericsson T68
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