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IrDA Internals

The book 'IrDA Internals', describes the internal workings of an IrDA stack in sufficient depth to enable:

  • Each of the stack layers to be understood
  • A stack dump to be analyzed
  • A stack to be written in software

This information complements and elaborates on the IrDA specifications with particular emphasis on concepts, practical considerations for software implementation, missing details and interaction with existing stacks.

In particular, these topics are covered:

  • Which pages of the IrDA specifications are necessary to be read/understood?
  • What are the 18 essential frames that are mandatory for IrDA lite?
  • Apart from response frame timeouts, what are the other undocumented, critical timing requirements?
  • What are the two types of addresses and when are these used?
  • Which parameters does the primary node acquire from the secondary node and when are these parameters used?

Read a subset of the book 'IrDA Internals' for help with IrDA.

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