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Welcome to the 'Microlite' IrDA lite stack and 'IrDA Internals':

  • 'Microlite' IrDA   - an ANSI C source code implementation of an IrDA lite IrCOMM primary and secondary stack
  • 'IrDA Internals'   - a book explaining the internal details of an IrDA lite stack

Struggling with the IrDA Specifications? - read the book 'IrDA Internals' for important concepts, annotated stack dumps and more.

If you want to:

  • Control a mobile phone from your PC / PDA / custom-hardware without a data cable
  • Implement low-cost SMS texting for your product
  • Implement low-cost, fire-and-forget wireless connectivity in your product
  • Interface to an IrDA device that doesn't work under Windows / Linux
  • Experiment with or learn about IrDA infrared

then the source code for the 'Microlite' IrDA stack may be of use to you.

A bundle comprising both the ANSI C source code for the 'Microlite' IrDA stack and the book 'IrDA Internals' is available for purchase at a low cost.

Sceptical? - try before you buy. There are demonstration executables available for both the primary and secondary stacks that run on Windows 2000 / XP. Read a subset of the book 'IrDA Internals' for help with IrDA.

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